The Waste Measure.

Cheil Brasil

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Creative Direction

Design Grand Prix - Wave Festival
Silver -  Brand Identity - Wave Festival
Bronze - Brand Activation - Wave Festival

Greenpeople Juices and Instituto E decided to show the exact amount of water waste in a simple and effective way. We launched a special edition of water bottles, made of recyclable glass, which weren’t measured in liters or ml, but by a new unit of measurement: everyday waste. 500ML = 18 minutes of dripping faucet. 1,5L = 40 seconds brushing teeth. 5L = 20 seconds stalling in the shower. 20L = 1 minute washing the car with a hose. The bottles were handed out at Greenpeople Juices stores and sent to influencers and the media.

Greenpeople Juices is a start-up brand focused on organic, natural and environmentally friendly products and production processes. And this year it decided to spread this message to its communication by investing in campaigns that create a social impact. In Brazil, there are 35 million people without access to drinking water. And those who do, have no idea how much water they waste in small day-to-day activities like taking a shower, brushing teeth, washing the car, or simply leaving a faucet in the house leaking. So, on World Water Day, we decided to make people aware of the water waste.


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