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In Vegas, the party starts as soon as you wake up. Find how to do Vegas in style with this video series made for the City of Las Vegas.

How to Dayclub

In Vegas the party starts as soon as you wake up. Here’s how to conquer the dayclub.


Downtown Las Vegas. From flying over a crowd to sipping on rooftop cocktails — Downtown has something for everybody

Hoover Dam

Explore the Mojave Desert with a trip to the Hoover Dam. You might be surprised by what you find along the way. 

How to Vegas after dark

How to experience Vegas at night! Remember. What Happens Here Stays Here!

Fine Dining

This is how you dine like a true foodie when you're in Vegas.

Luxury Shopping

Spend the day perusing high-end faves with a glass of champagne in hand and a personal shopper by your side. 

Bring your Pet

Pets are part of the fam. That's why you should definitely bring them along on your Vegas vacation.